The second Grant County novel, from the No. 1 Bestseller. When a teenage quarrel in the small town of Heartsdale explodes into a deadly shoot-out, Sara Linton. Kisscut: A Grant County Thriller (Grant County Thrillers) [Karin Slaughter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gillian Flynn says, “Karin. : Kisscut (): Karin Slaughter: Books. Kisscut: A Grant County Thriller and millions of other books are available for instant access.

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Poor parents often were terrified of books and teachers and schools. Second in the Grant County series, Kisscut kept me up over my weekend until I finished it, that is typical Karen Slaughter. Obviously the subject it’s not an easy one and the author’s brutal writing style doesn’t help In light of so many kidnappings and murders of young girls in America and worldwide, you will realize that Karin Slaughter’s message is real and has deadly consequences.

When I asked why, she told me her sister used to sit in her father’s lap, doing lap dances and acting out sexually to get favors.

Book Review: Kisscut (Karin Slaughter) – Life of this city girl

It was only decades later, when we survivors began to talk openly about it, we learned exactly how common abuse and rape was in the neighborhood. Sara Linton, County’s paediatrician and medical examiner is there to witness the whole thing. Books like this are kizscut answer, a good effective one in my opinion. Around the Year i Thoroughly engaging, heartbreaking, palpable even when you don’t want to feel it, and with characters that may conflict you down to your very core.

Male abusers who abused the family were not either offenders or criminals by any definition. The worse beliefs people express to me are that there will be rewards of personal growth in having suffered, or that if you hadn’t wanted it to happen it wouldn’t have happened because you would have done something to prevent it.

Reading a dramatic dark mystery by yourself is mostly a nonjudgmental experience, and socially private. Aided by her ex-husband, police chief Jeffrey Tolliver, and Detective Lena Adams, still traumatized by her brush with a maniac, Sara’s investigation is frustrated at every turn by the cold silence of the family and friends of the slain girl.


Book Review: Kisscut (Karin Slaughter)

What initially appears to be a case of shooting reveals itself to be something much darker. I hope there is a special place in hell for these folks. At the same time, Jeffrey is put into the worst position ever and ends up doing the unthinkable. This was a really shocking and unsettling story of child abuse, secrets and depravity with some really disturbing scenes.

Email required Address never made public. You can privately choose what boundaries to live by, what standards to set, or whether you choose to avoid all mention or thinking about the subject of child abuse hereafter. Karin Slaughter doesn’t sugar coat depravity.

The brilliance of this book is that kissscut rural normalcy of small town USA is a perfect backdrop in which to set this thriller. View Full Version of PW. Working soaughter case alongside Jeffrey is Det. The confrontation sets into motion a complex investigation of a group of teens in Grant County. She is still suicidal, more a frightened girl than tough female cop and yet you root for her. However, most people thank a god for their deliverance, no matter who actually saved them.

People vary in their responses to abuse, whether it’s hearing or seeing abuse. For myself, I do not blame 9-year-olds for seducing grown men. Generally, I handle it by keeping silent with folks who are innocent of any true knowledge of the effects of long-term and constant parental crime, brutality and abuse, enduring the innocent but stupid and ridiculous babblings of religious and legal pablum. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Kisscut – Wikipedia

He seems very sad that his mother Grace is about to die from breast cancer, but that is mostly it. This becomes more evident as the novels progress. No question about it. The confrontation sets into motion Slaugnter is not for the fainthearted, graphic repulsive subject matter, very horrifying scenes of intense evil, and layer upon layer of deception.


Sara heads to the bathroom, and Jenny Weaver bumps into her.

kisscuy Kisscut takes a look at a brutal and dark side of modern society. She is such a good writer and her books are very original. Then, the story started to kick in and the more I read, the more I enjoyed it.

In the first book it was the disappearing kid with a fatal cancer diagnosis that did me in. I found the ending very unfair but sadly reflecting on things really turns out in cases like that. If it is too terrible to contemplate, no one will know about either your lack of courage or belief or if you were triggered. Books by Karin Slaughter. As someone who has buried tortured kittens and puppies, I cannot agree.

She was also supportive of Jeffrey despite his attitude. And then I got to the end of chapter seventeen. You are commenting using your WordPress. Even overlooking my slight dislike for the main characters, I had also some problems with oarin storyline.

I will have to try it again now I have read 2. If you are a reader who enjoys a good story and good characters, read this book.

When adults worked, they were in ‘entry level’ jobs forever. She is threatening to shoot him. As a young man, I firmly believed that women could not write a thriller as well as a man. Lacey Patterson is abducted outside the clinic when she tries to tell Sara what is going on, and Mark soon thereafter tells Lena the horrific things he is being subjected to and then attempts suicide. There were a number of themes r The story begins at a skating rink where a young girl pulls a gun on another teen and a standoff involving the police ensues.

I only give zero stars to books that I katin don’t finish or that are, in some egregious way, outrageously morally offensive.