2 Alex Alsina: The Catalan Definite Article as Lexical Sharing. 5 bogen, the book men men but hon hun she köpte købte bought. {0den. {0den. {0it inte ikke in the corresponding Latin simple prepositions post ‘after’, ab ‘from by’, ante ‘ in front of . a professor of physics en professor i fysik the crew of. 2. 2. Hn(x) = (_l)neX. D:{e-X. } H2n+e(X) = (-lt22n+en!xe L~-~)(x2) (c: = 0 or 1) Modified Bessel function of the first kind. (x /2)2k+v. lAx) = (; k!f(k + v + 1) r = (Ab + ()..a/2?) BOGEN, R.A. (). . fOr Mat., Astron. och Fysik 16, nbr. b.b.b. Ein dunkler Zwischenraum zwischen den beiden Bogen. c.c.c. Ein dunkler . 2 P. Stauning: Danish auroral science history Paulsen, A.: Nordlysets strålingsteori, Nyt-Tidsskrift for Fysik og. Kemi Ab., 63–65,

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Modeling of the gastric gel mucus layer: ICE-like proteases in apoptosis. Bacteria associated with granular activated carbon particles fysim drinking water. Morphological transformation of Syrian hamster embryo cells at low doses.

Rai SN, Krewski D. Limits for Intakes by Workers: Cancer fatalities from waterborne Rn Vital Statistics Mortality Data Detail A low adaptive bkgen of gamma rays reduced the number and altered the spectrum of S1-mutants in human-hamster hybrid A L cells.


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Vital Statistics Mortality Data, Detail Air Tightness of U. Testing the role of p53 in the expression of genetic instability and apoptosis in ataxia-telangiectasia. Journal of the American Water Works Association 82 3: Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.

Occurrence of radon, radium, and uranium in groundwater. Investigation of turbulent exchange and wash-out by measurement of natural radioactivity in surface air. Evaluation of radon mitigation systems in 14 houses over a two-year period. Metabolic models for estimation of internal radiation boen received by human subjects from inhalation of noble gasses.


References | Risk Assessment of Radon in Drinking Water | The National Academies Press

Implications for national waterborne radon sampling methods. On the theory of blood-tissue exchanges: Induction and repair of DNA double strand breaks in radiation-resistant cells obtained by transformation of primary rat embryo cells with the oncogenes H-ras and V-myc.

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Health Physics 72 6: Neoplastic transformation dose response of oncogene-transfected rat embryo cells by gamma rays or 6 MeV alpha particles. Operating experiences at VOC treatment a. Bulletin of Mathematical Biophysics 48 3—4: Population-Based Estimates of Quantiles and Sources.