Formula Student Electric Rules Brake Over-Travel Switch (Specific FSG change of Formula SAE® Rule B ). ARTICLE 1: FORMULA STUDENT OVERVIEW AND COMPETITION – as article 1 from FSAE Rules except. Formula Student permits students to compete. SAE International. All Rights Reserved. Formula SAE Rules revision. Formula SAE® Rules. Table of Contents.

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Vehicle shipping procedures for the North American competitions are published on the Formula SAE website for each event and are incorporated into these Rules by reference. The teams must rulew calculations for the material they have chosen, demonstrating equivalence to the minimum requirements found in Section T3.

To maintain the equivalent yield and ultimate tensile strength the same cross-sectional area of steel as the baseline tubing specified in T3. The officials and SAE staff will make every effort to fully review all questions and resolve problems and discrepancies quickly and equitably. The only teams that would change their powertrain based on economy vs efficiency are those small handful of teams I can think of maybe 2 or 3 who’s main competition goal is winning fuel economy.

Anything your team uploads to the site is considered to be an official action by your team.

However, once the electronic submission system becomes operational the Committee may choose to respond using that system. The SAE website will be updated with the rules soon, but the rules are available now on our updated fsaeonline. Egress time will stop when the driver has both feet on the pavement.

2015 FSAE Rules students.sae.org /cds/formulaseries/rules/ Format

The shifter or shift mechanism may not be removed unless it is integral with the steering wheel and is removed with the steering wheel. The efficiency change is on the list for potential changes.


Node-to-node triangulation — An arrangement of frame members projected onto a plane, where a co-planar load applied in any direction, at any node, results in only tensile or compressive forces in the frame members. Can we expect this rule to change for ? The time now is feae The multiple Universities are in effect treated rrules one University with two campuses and all eligibility requirements one car per competition class, one registration slot, etc.

FSAE Rules /cds/formulaseries/rules/ Format – ppt video online download

Exhaust System Exhaust manifold insulation wrap. If the wing supports are in front of the Front Rlues, the supports must be included in the test of the Impact Attenuator for T3.

However, the vehicle design requirements and restrictions will remain unchanged. Should a driver, at any time not utilize the HANS device, then 76 mm 3 inch wide shoulder harnesses are required. The Team Captain s has unique responsibilities on the site including accepting other team eules for site access.

Many of the EV requirements will be familiar to teams that have participated in electric competitions. Data from the laminate testing results must be used as the basis for any strength or stiffness calculations.

Documents may be uploaded to the website from the time your fsaeonline account has been created and accepted See A8. Any rule variations will be posted on the websites specific to those competitions.

Acknowledgement — North America competitions — SESs submitted for vehicles entered into competitions held in North America will be acknowledged automatically by the fsaeonline website. Document Access — Uploaded documents can only be viewed by 1 members of 0212 submitting team, 2 authorized judges, technical inspectors and officials and 3 CDS staff. Shipments must be sent with the sending team or university listed as the receiving party. Document submissions, presentations and discussions in English are acceptable at all competitions in the series.


Carefully read the event rules and check the website of the competition you are entering.


Reminder — The website does not know what you intended to submit or what you thought you were doing. Part AF has significant analytical requirements and as it is still in development this application process will insure that the Committee can handle the workload and give teams the support they may require to show certification as well as insure the teams have the technical capability to analyze their design and prove compliance with the AF Rules.

Submissions may be replaced with new uploads at any point during that period rulds penalty. Address — SESs must be submitted to the officials at the competition you are entering at the address shown in the Appendix or indicated on the competition website.

Calculations of EI that do not reference T3. Lots of revisions, not covered in this presentation.

FSAE Rules Published

It is acceptable for the faculty advisor to be the ESA if all the requirements below are met. In order to have a protest considered, a team must post a twenty-five 25 point protest bond which will be forfeited if their protest is rejected. Aero Device Locations New restrictions on wing positions, vsae below.