Does the perfect kiss exist? This smart and funny modern romance from the author of Flipped explores the pleasures and perils of love. Perfect for fans. May 13, Sixteen-year-old Evangeline Logan is a serial kisser. She kisses Author Wendelin Van Draanen brings her trademark honesty and humor to. May 5, Confessions of a Serial Kisser. Wendelin Van Draanen, Author. Knopf $ ( p) ISBN

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Stay in Touch Sign up. The book was a cute, outlandish story about a girl who goes on a hunt for the perfect kiss. Evangeline’s penance was hard enough, although I wish she wasn’t such a whiny girl about it. But that only makes Evangeline more determined to find the kiss of her dreams.

Confessions of a Serial Kisser by Wendelin Van Draanen | : Books

Out of pure curiosity and with a bit of disdain, she starts looking at them. This is a cute and funny quick-read.

The chapters in this book are pretty short and they kind of remind me of my stories back in high school. But before long, her attention focuses in on one title in particular, A Crimson Kiss. I couldn’t even finish this book.

In the end the character figures out that she’s just been trying to distract herself from a painful family situation with all this kissing. The story was not at all relatable to me.

Evangeline is looking for her crimson kiss, but she’s not finding it. Quite funny, quite realistic, and definitely relateable for anyone who has ever done something very stupid in public. Hardcoverpages. Other insinuations here and there.


At least, I wouldn’t. Lists with This Book. Also, the fact that Evangeline seems to be a self-taught master hair stylist is also a little unbelievable, and that she has to “babe herself up” to get guys is also a disappointing. I enjoyed the plot of this book, although the writing was simple.

Because there were a whole lot of unexpected, non-romantic, not-so-drool-worthy of – THIS While I sort of expected THIS Yes I know this was supposed to be a fun book, but even then it doesn’t justify to it’s ultra ‘cheerfulness’ to kissing random people at starbucks or grabbing a guy to get rid of another.

Or girl meets guy. The guitar thing for example — where did that come from? The book touched a bit on communication and forgiveness, which was pretty nicely done in the end. Yet cofnessions focus is never really on one guy in particular. There were also some awkward passages that didn’t really seem to fit.

Coming from a broken family, Evang Source: Return to Book Page. Evangeline has a terrible awful horrible no good relationship with her dad since the separation. I don’t know why the author feels the need to create a new chapter for every conversation, train of thought, or miniscule event; but draandn aggravating and unnecessary.

Book: Confessions of a Serial Kisser

Van Draanen has given readers a fun, quirky, and at times serious novel about a girl on the edge of adulthood who is trying to find out who she is and what her life should be.

This book is really funny because xraanen all the stress she goes through to find the perfect kiss.


This book keeps you on your toes because you never know who Evangeline will go after next. Maybe she is a serial kisser! Jan 23, Katy rated it it was ok. We just don’t see them. And worst of all: The book was okay. I got this as a present from my cousin. Evangeline gets a bad reputation for he Evangeline is in search of the perfect kiss. She reads the novel again and again, and begins to fantasize that she would find not a love like theirs, but a kiss like theirs.

And she still hasn’t found her crimson kiss. She kisses boys without thinking of the repercussions, and she’s super quick to judge others when she herself is not a model of good behavior. It was interesting, funny, and honest. There isn’t the traditional boy meets girl plot. Especially since it’s clear confessionss aren’t anymore. I saw that coming a mile away. That does not sound like a good plot.

Book: Confessions of a Serial Kisser

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a kiss to be special or fantastic. How her anger, her disappointment, her feeling of loss and betrayal, fueled or failed to fuel her relationships with guys her own age. In which she continuously fantasized for, so she decided to take a leap for her search mission with another help of a book, “Live your Fantasy”.