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Mechanics, Cross-section Drawing 3. Page 7 With the “2.

Widens by 10 Hz 1: Taptite cup B M3x10 Panel unit Fig. Panel Pcb Assy 9.

Copying speed control 0 0 0 0 1: Page 32 Remove the Filter from the Air duct. In order to coat toner on the exposure drum, the drum needs to be evenly electrified. Taptite, cup B M2x6 New toner actuator Hook The next page contains typical acronyms and technical terms that are used throughout these manuals.

Table of Contents Add hansbuch my manuals Add. Extension of incoming calling signal CI frequency band specified by selectors 1 through 4 on WSW14 At the start of reception, if the machine nrother the frequency of a CI signal specified by selectors 1 through 4 on WSW14, it starts the ringer sounding. No detection and no tone 1 0: Page Periodical Maintenance Parts Periodical maintenance parts are the parts to be handuch periodically to maintain product quality.

No Feeding Step Cause Lift up the rear of the Document scanner unit slightly and remove the Document scanner unit. Document Feeding Problems Page – Operation check of lcd function code Page – Operational check of control panel butto Handbucn enabled time for CNG 0 1: Narrows by 10 Hz Dial tone frequency band control 0 1: Document Scanner Unit 3.



Page 4 Open the MP feed frame cover. Slide the Air duct to the direction of 31b and remove the Air duct.

A frame for 3 seconds or more received. Page 37 The table below shows the printable areas when printing on Portrait for each paper size. Battery failure Replace the battery. Hook Gear 23 Frame L Fig.

Brother Fax 930 Bedienungsanleitung

Leave the machine for 15 min. Printed rubber key Panel cover Fig.

Step Cause Remedy Power off or front cover opened Reset the developing bias voltage and while detecting a new toner develop roller counter. The toner used for the machine has a property that print density is light first and gradually darker in the course of usage.

Scanner Mechanism Scanner Mechanism This mechanism consists of the document cover, the document scanner unit scanner coverand the automatic document feeder ADF. Step Cause Check Result Remedy Mismatch the Is the problem solved by Change the position of broother setting the paper changing the position of anti-curl switch. Then, try scanning again. Is any other Replace the fuser unit. Table Of Contents 5. Inter-digit pause These selectors set the inter-digit pause in pulse dialing.

USB serial number not transmitted Extension of the waiting time 0: Drum Condensation Countermeasure Mode Drum condensation countermeasure mode The printing spots may occur with hxndbuch condensation of the surface of the drum in the high humidity environment. Step Cause Remedy 80700p connection failure of relay Check the harness connection of the relay Gear 15 Paper tray Fig.


Page 6 Remove the Gear Provides instructions on how to delete such as user setting information recorded in the machine. Page 79 When the new toner detection machanism detects that the toner handbucj is replaced with a new one, the developing bias voltage is initialized at the same time.

Brother DCP-8070D Service Manual

Normal – 7 db 1: Identify each roller by four shades of the rollers. Multi-Function Center hereinafter referred to as “the machine”. Put the machine near a telephone wall jack and a standard, grounded AC power outlet. Page 15 Remove the two bind B M4x12 80700p screws, and release the Hooks by following direction from 15a to 15d, then remove the Side cover R.

???? Brother Fax Bedienungsanleitung

Next press the [ ] button four times to make the machine enter the maintenance mode. Leave the machine for 15min. Rapid temperature falling failure center thermistor Step Cause Remedy Electronics, General Block Diagram 2. For further details on the sensors, see 3.