Full user manuals, quickstart guides and software downloads for NEO and NEO 2 , featuring Full NEO 2 User Manual AlphaSmart , and Dana. Types of Tips in This Manual. .. Manually Adding Students in NEO Manager. Open the AlphaSmart folder, then the AlphaSmart Manager 2 folder. 3. Windows or XP: click Start>Control Panel>System> Hardware tab, then the . Command key and the left arrow moves the cursor to the beginning of the line. • File 1 = 6 pages in length. AlphaSmart Basic (Macintosh) Instructions.

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Nadaklan, I have the cable you need – check your FlickrMail.

Yeah, Manhal got my adapter for three bucks. Nothing in this manual may be reproduced in any manner, either wholly. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Parallel Printer Cable A special cable that allows you to connect an AlphaSmart to a printer with parallel interface. My own life with AlphaSmart started with the model.

I’m wondering if the adapter I got isn’t the right kind, but I don’t think it should matter. BradyDale 9 years ago. Alphasmarh Sending Text to a PC for more information. You may also contact us by e-mail at. Enter text from picture: MacWrite is a registered trade. Mine looks like this: Overview Discussions Photos Members Map.


Intelligent Peripheral Devices, Inc.

Nadaklan, virtually the only contribution to this thread I can offer is to welcome you to the group, and bring this topic back to the top. Total cost was about six bucks and worked like a charm. I seem to remember folks having issues with USB hubs Alphasmart Password Protection Open your file or text you wish to send on the Mac, high- light the text with the mouse and select Copy from the Edit Menu.

AlphaSmart FAQ’s : Spectronics – Inclusive Learning Technologies

What exactly is the cord I’m looking for called? It would save me a lot of money. Page 24 Send key. We light their path toward growth. IBM is a registered trademark of International. Luke Kramer Posted 11 years ago.

If your AlphaSmart is equipped with an IR moduleyou can send text to a computer via infrared. This pop-up menu allows the user to change the current file on the AlphaSmart. Thanks for the help David, but I think I want to try something cheaper if I can just make it myself with a couple of wires.

Alphasmart 2000 Manuals

I’m not sure however if that would be the case because you don’t seem to have that problem. Please contact our support team on for software and manuals for our legacy products. Alphasmarf by Luke Kramer member 11 years ago. Sending Text To A Pc 1. The current state of the shift, option, command, control, and caps lock keys are shown in the lower right of the AlphaSmart screen. See also page 30 for a list of insertion commands for international.

  ADC 7109 PDF

Seems to me I got that same warning with mine and just sent anyway. You’ll need to pick up one like in Austruck’s photo. It works very well with an interactive whiteboard.

Are there any drivers that you need? Connect the AlphaSmart to the Mac keyboard cable.

Macintosh, it is recharging the battery pack. Open your word processor, place the cursor at the right spot, then plug in the AS and then zlphasmart “send. You must be running Windows 3. Microsoft is a registered trademark of.