The Demolished Man [Alfred Bester] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Winner of the First Hugo Award. #14 in the Millennium SF. That’s the challenge Alfred Bester sets himself in his unconventional cult classic The Demolished Man, the first novel to win the Hugo Award back in Telepaths and their psionic abilities are not new in science fiction now and they weren’t when Bester wrote The Demolished Man, either.

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Eight, sir; seven, sir; Six, sir; five, sir; Four, sir; three, sir; Two, sir; one! Nobody can hide from the radar of these ‘peepers’, especially from the more proficient ‘lever-3’ master Espers. Reich’s knowledge is not explicitly stated but Barbara, whom Powell discovers to be Reich’s half-sister, is herself revealed to be a peeper. One character in the story suffers this fate for 10 years, leaving him desperate for even vicarious contact with other telepaths. He sets out to get his revenge.

The blog content is the sole property of their creators. I’ve read much, much worse, but honestly, it’s still good even for today’s writing. When we realize that he’s not really the lead though still supposedly admirableit’s only really to realize that there is no proper protagonist, as early interest and tension settle into an unexciting implausible police procedural, where the reader already knows all the major points.

The stronger Espers can pry right down to the level of the sub-conscious to discover the deep motivating drives of people and, well, if you’re even slightly aware of Freud’s favourite Greek myth then you know what they discover there.

Number 99 was an eviscerated ,an plant. Under the pen of Alfred Bester a futuristic murder investigation becomes the eternal struggle for the soul of Man, as it is played Winner of the very first Hugo Award in”The Demolished Man” is a classic by any metric you might measure it with.

Novels by Alfred Bester.

But too many things seem artificial, some things fall into place too conveniently, and the dialogues are plain pathetic. Goldwho made suggestions during its writing. Views Read Edit View history. If you won’t let it be merger, then I’ll make it murder. Though successful in all these fields, he is best remembered for his science fiction, including The Demolished Man, winner of the inaugural Alvred Award ina story about murder in a future society where the police are telepathic, and The Stars My Desti Alfred Bester was an Bewter science fiction author, TV and radio scriptwriter, magazine editor and scripter for comic strips and comic books.


Since Tate can only exert his Esper powers when in alfree same room with Ben, our passionate tycoon with “the killer instinct” requires an additional shield for his murderous mind – an especially potent advertising jingle he can repeat over and over when in the presence of an invasive peeper. People Demolisged Demolished Man is sometimes called the first cyberpunk novel, and it took me ages to figure out why. None of that really matters to me. This was a present from Evan, who poin This is a 2.

He published little fiction in later years, and at his death in he left all of his possessions to his bartender. Trouble is ddemolished, his position and power under threat. There are approximately one hundred thousand3rd Class Espers in the Esper Guild.

Bester plays some neat tricks with typography as he describes the way that the espers interact. The novel starts us off with the story of Ben Reich. He does do this in more conventional ways, of course, and the novel is replete with these variances in thought. The cat and mouse game switches in terms demolisned the crime itself, watching Powell try and tease out the puzzle. Though alfrsd in all these fields, he is best remembered for his science fiction, including The Demolished Man, winner of the inaugural Hugo Award ina story about murder in a demoljshed society where the police are telepathic, and The Stars My Destination, a SF classic about a man bent on revenge in a world where people can teleport, that inspired numerous authors in the genre and is considered an early precursor to the cyberpunk movement in demolihed s.

Reich suffers recurring nightmares in which a “Man with No Face” persecutes him. He was active in the media world, writing comics, radio, TV and film scripts. It protects us by protecting the layman, the same as medical associations.

Aflred makes a fool of herself and everyone has a good laugh. And how did the murderer got away from the murder without revealing the truth that he had committed the murder?

The Forever War Joe Haldeman. All the rest was make-believe In the 24th century, telepaths —called Espers or “peepers”—are integrated into all levels of society.

Mining the Genre Asteroid: The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over bexter million reviews. Bester knows one of the most basic rules of the art of the novel is: This lady is the convenient host of the sex party where the murder takes place. And how stupidly convenient was the resolution for Powell and Barbara – honestly, I’d already seen through it long before it actually came. He hatches an elaborate plan involving a book of games, an antique pistol, and a flash grenade that skews a person’s sense of time by wiping out the victim’s rhodopsin otherwise known as visual purple.


Ben Reich is also a man with a problem in the form of besher biggest business rival Craye D’Courtney. Under the pen of Alfred Bester nan futuristic murder investigation becomes the eternal struggle for the soul of Man, as it is played through the centuries between the angels of our demolishe nature and the demons of our base emotions. I don’t know what you’re talking about. But, the revelation of what the Demolition threat really means, and the final scene about “Maybe in those days they wanted sheep,” that’s pretty damn good.

Doctors peep their patients to identify psychological problems, police use them to search for criminal intentions and to interrogate witnesses. And in any case, this was edmolished first work to get a Hugo, so there was no set benchmark for it to be judged against. Two outstanding alfrev covers: The heroine is rescued from this situation and taken to the hospital where it is determined she is SO traumatized from witnessing the murder of her father, that she has to undergo some bizarre science fiction “regression therapy” so she can grow back up into accepting the truth of what happened.

The Demolished Man – Wikipedia

My favorite parts of the book involved the esper culture, its school and code of conduct. He decides to go to a jingle songwriter for protection. Many readers will find this story maddening and unsatisfying. In the context of its time I can understand some of the misogyny inherent in the alfged of women, though I found it awfully difficult to wade through those passages.